• Argentina

We were born in Argentina more than 70 years ago, driven by the Perez Companc Group. We are leaders in the country in various energy sectors

Our production in Argentina

PECOM has 2 industrial plants located in Comodoro Rivadavia since 1983

Equipment for the Oil Industry

  • In Comodoro Rivadavia, we produce different equipment, including subsurface mechanical pumps for artificial lift (certified under international API Standards 11-AX and ISO 9001), pumping rods, gas separators, cyclone desanders and tubing anchors among other developments over more than 40 years.
  • • From there, we supply the various production basins in Argentina (YPF and others), Brazil (Petrobras) and Colombia (Ecopetrol). In recent years, we have also succeeded in exporting to Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Egypt, Indonesia and Belarus.


In addition in Comodoro Rivadavia, we manufacture chemicals to treat different fluids (oil, gas and water) from bottomhole, through separation, treatment and reinjection to commercialization to the refinery. The elaboration of these products is based on our own formulas developed in our I+D laboratory. From there, we supply the different production basins in Argentina (YPF and others), Bolivia and the new service for operations in Brazil (under evaluation).

Oil & Gas

Chemical treatments (Leaders in Argentina).

Mechanical Pumps - Artificial Lift (Leaders in Argentina).

Vast portfolio of Operation and Maintenance of oilfields, refineries and their facilities. We are the largest national company in our sector.

Environmental services.

Integration and management of oilfield services and entrepreneurial ecosystem development, specializing in the design and development of Digital Operating Models. Plants, facilities and Ducts Construction in O&G (Top 3 of the segment).

Electric Power and Telecommunications Infrastructure

Laying of High and Extra-High Voltage Lines, ELAT Transformer Substations (Top 3 in Argentina, only company in LATAM to develop 500 kV underground cable installation). Development of infrastructure for renewable and non-renewable generation, transport and distribution of electric power. Both for the regulated and non-regulated market.

Telecommunications Infrastructure, laying of fiber optics. Supply and installation of transmission equipment and base radio station assembly.