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Sustainability is the foundation for the development of our business.

Ethics, the relationship with interest groups and the protection of the environment are an integral part of our business strategy.

We work actively with our collaborators, customers, suppliers, partners and the community at large to ensure a long-term sustainable business model.


At Pecom, we get involved with the communities where we operate because we are committed to being part of the integral development of people and to the communities we relate to everyday. Our actions are mainly connected to health and education, since we understand they are of the upmost importance for prosperity. We have an impact on the areas of influence we are part of through diverse projects. In some cases, we work together with the Perez Companc Foundation to address health and education campaigns and to strengthen local institutions.
For instance, since 2005, PECOM and the Cimientos Foundation have been collaborating in the Future Graduates program, where we accompany children between the ages 12 to 18 and their families under social vulnerability so they can graduate from high school and plan their future with more and better opportunities.
Throughout the 17 years this alliance has been going on, 88 students have graduated from high school in Neuquén, Cipoletti, Cutral-Co, Rio Gallegos, Rincón de los Sauces, Comodoro Rivadavia, Bahía Blanca, Campana and La Plata. Each one of these children receives a monthly scholarship and has personal tutors to promote the development of the socioemotional skills that contribute to improve their educational career and to acquire the necessary skills to navigate through high school. The Future Graduates program increases the percentage of students passing literature and mathematics, increases the percentage of students promoted to the following year and decreases school absenteeism.


The Perez Companc Group culture is based on the business plus people model. This enables us to reach long-term sustainable and excellent results in a healthy work environment, with committed collaborators, proud to belong to our company. We work on different actions for the long-term growth and development of our collaborators. Such as Environment and Commitment Survey at Perez Companc Group level, Alliances with well-known educational institutions in the country for the development of our leaders and scholarships from the Perez Companc Foundation for our collaborators’ children, among others.


PECOM is committed to the challenge involved in the progressive decrease of the environmental impact of our operations. We understand technology is a key element to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers and the community at large.
The use of elements such as predictive technology and automation processes allow for the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse effect gas emissions, as well as minimizing environmental incidents.
We are aware of our responsibility as leading players in the energy sector. Thus, we participate actively in the Sustainability Commission of IAPG, The Argentine Oil & Gas Institute, we are a member company of CEADS, The Argentine Business Council for Sustainable Development and we hold the ISO 14001 Standard.

QSHE - Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Policy

At PECOM, our main value is the health and safety of our collaborators, as well as the care for the environment so as to provide operations with high quality standards.
Our commitment is shown in the definition of our Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Policy and the implementation and certification of ISO 45001, ISO14001 and ISO9001 Standards. We also hold the API 11-AX Standard for the manufacturing of oil well mechanical pumps.


Integrity Policy

At PECOM, our Integrity Program and the Conduct and Company Ethics Code are the basis of the relationship with our employees, partners and suppliers.

Integrity Program

It affects every collaborator in PECOM and its subsidiaries, and in every other way of association in which PECOM participates directly or indirectly, including UTEs (Transitory Union of Companies), and every relationship of collaborators with customers, suppliers, subcontractors, partners, any other third party with whom they interact for the performance of their duties, with every public agency, as well as public servants (regardless of their position) in the National, Provincial or City State or with Foreign States, and/or legal entities in which any National, Provincial or City State or Foreign States hold a majority state-owned stake.

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Code of Conduct and Ethics Line

We operate on the basis of business ethics. We are convinced that this is the only way to achieve sustainability in the business. All our employees and suppliers adhere to the Principles of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of PECOM. Additionally, we have access to an Ethics Line to report any violations to the Code.
Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics establishes the way in which all employees of PECOM work, regardless of where we are or the position we hold.
One of our fundamental commitments to our employees, stakeholders and the community at large is to have formal and confidential communication channels for raising concerns or reports, based on our open and transparent communication.
That is why we have an Ethics Line, operated by an external supplier to ensure transparency and confidentiality.

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