We provide integral systems for Operation and Maintenance (O&M), rendering customized solutions throughout the lifespan of the oilfield. We promote long-term relationships and develop commercial models that adapt to every need.


We have a vast experience in oil and gas oilfield operations focusing on optimization, applying management strategies and new technologies.
We specialize in:

  • Well operation and production facilities.
  • Oil, gas and water treatment plants operation.
  • Large pipelines maintenance and integrity.
  • Power generation plants operation.
  • Pumping units assembly and disassembly
  • Solid loads transportation.
  • Chemicals application.
  • Eco-dynamometry physical measurements.
  • Production process engineering.
  • RCM, RBI reliability, life cycle cost.


We have the necessary equipment and specialized manpower to develop preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance, both onshore and offshore. We specialize in:

  • Oilfield facilities and oil, gas and water treatment plants maintenance.
  • Low, medium and high voltage transmission lines maintenance.
  • Live-line maintenance.
  • Electric panels, instruments and control systems maintenance.
  • Cathodic protection.
  • Plant turnaround.
  • Maintenance engineering: Computer management systems (CMMS) implementation.
  • Nondestructive tests: vibrations analysis, infrared thermography, phased array ultrasound, industrial gammagraphy, thickness measurement, magnetic particles.
  • Line walkers supply.
  • Pump Off maintenance.
  • Instrumentation and control specialized services (Control Systems, RTUs, variability controls set up).
  • Digital fields integral maintenance management.
  • Integrity Engineering management.

By means of cutting -edge technology, we improve production processes with separation treatments that minimize waste and recover sales quality oil and utilization or reinjection quality water.

Our Services include:

  • Slop oil treatment
  • Treatment with oleaginous fluids
  • Drilling mud and cuttings treatment (Tank Bottom and pits)
  • Automated tank cleaning system
  • Integral waste management

Well Testing & Slick Line

We provide well testing services that cover the different production stages, both in conventional and non-conventional oilfields.

Our technology and experience enable us to obtain data with precision and in real time to perform reservoir dynamic assessment, economic feasibility and production control efficiently and safely.

Our services include:

  • Well testing with separator.
  • Conventional and non-conventional exploration well testing.
  • Extended well testing.
  • Production Control.
  • Well testing with desander.
  • Clean-up services.
  • Interventions with Slick Line.
  • Dynamic and static pressure and temperature logging.
  • Surface and bottom-hole sampling under PVT conditions.
  • Memory production logging (PLT, ILT).
  • Flowline laying.



New technologies transform the market at ever increasing speeds.

By means of MODA® (Digital Operating Model), we propose a digital transformation which drastically changes the way operations are performed, focusing on Integral Solutions which benefit the entire value chain.

MODA® enables greater agility in decision-making, improves operational efficiency, maximizes production and reduces downtime while caring for the environment and safety for people and assets.

Integral Operation of Fields

The capacity to make productive processes more efficient and increase productivity plays an increasingly important role in a competitive setting.

We have developed this optimization process combining our resources and knowhow in the matter along with process revision, service integration, contract procedure and KPIs shared with the operating companies.

At the same time, we have incorporated technology as an integral part of the development of digital operation and management models based on data intelligence and integration.

Our model is specially designed for each customer and developed according to their needs, plans and objectives.



Energy Transition

We are part of the solution to build a cleaner and more efficient energy matrix:

We combine our experience in oil & gas with the integration of renewable energies through an integral solutions analysis. We seek efficiency and optimization to contribute to the transition towards a sustainable energy industry.

In that sense, we have collaborated with the construction of 7 wind farms in Argentina with a 500 MW generation capacity. Likewise, we have installed solar panels with up to 10kW power in our base in Neuquén Este Industrial Park in Argentina.